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William Cain, Companies Editor on Director Deals

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DIRECTOR DEALS: Astrazeneca bosses splash out on more than £1m worth of shares

Yorkshire Building Society share dealing service is provided by Jarvis Investment management Ltd Jarvis , and Jarvis is entirely responsible for the performance of the services. Home Life planning Sharedealing Director Deals. Director deals See which company directors are buying or selling in their company shares.

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DIRECTOR DEALS: Dechra chief exec Ian Page offloads almost £6m worth of shares

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OptiBiotix CEO Stephen O'Hara on recent deals and director share purchase

That translates to a 6. Other academic performance points to better excess returns for director dealings in smaller companies. Never mind the theory — what about those who are active in the market? Investors should take notice of director holdings and recent transactions, according to private investor Lord Lee of Trafford. They are not taking risks, or betting the family silver on reckless pursuits. Directors have to report to the stockmarket every time they buy or sell shares in their employer.

The announcements usually contain the following information:. Unfortunately very few announcement give a reason why a director is buying or selling. You may occasionally get a line that says 'to diversify portfolio' or something about settling a tax bill.

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They will rarely comment on whether they see the shares as being cheap, hence why they are buying, or selling because they look expensive. This article is provided by Shares Magazine. Shares publishes information and ideas which are of interest to investors.

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It does not provide advice in relation to investments or any other financial matters and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information in this article. The company secretariat should therefore arguably have been the one to let the market know what the deal was. Forgetting to tell the market about an incoming CEOs existing loan arrangements when there is a regulatory requirement to do so does not look good. Shares were down around 0. Watch this space and MT will keep you updated on whether shareholders are right to be worried…. Proposed legislation will water down non-disclosure agreements in the wake of the MeToo movement.